Why Our Hemp Oil Is So Amazing

Heartland Hemp Inc. has been creating, refining, researching, and redefining the extraction process for hemp plants using ultra-cold temperatures to

Healthy Natural Ingredients

Heartland Hemp Inc. does not use any artificial preservatives, colors, dyes, sugars, nor does it use soy. If any of our ingredients are not suitable for you, you may make a custom request.

Quality Hemp Oil Check

You will never receive an untested oil. Heartland Hemp Inc. ensures that it's oils are precisely what you expect them to be every time through rigorous and exact processes and finalized with testing through EVIO Labs.

Rapid Delivery To Your Body

Heartland Hemp Inc. CBD (Heartland CBD) is made to bring you the fastest release using it's all natural ingredients. Many feel effects within 5 minutes or less!

Who is Heartland Hemp Inc?

Heartland Hemp Inc. is the creator of Heartland CBD, one of the most incredible hemp oil products on the market today. Although not overly exposed or sold broadly; consumers from all over the United States are beginning to discover the true power of the fullest spectrum of hemp cannabinoids.

Sell Heartland CBD (Person to Person)

Heartland Hemp Inc. offers a referral program; for each customer converted and sale made on your behalf, 15% of those sales profits are yours! Contact us to learn more.

Sell Heartland CBD (Store front)

Heartland Hemp Inc is seeking store owners who are interested in carrying the finest full spectrum hemp CBD at incredible prices? Heartland CBD is ready to hit your shelves. Contact us for information!
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The Heartland Hemp Inc. Team

Heartland Hemp Inc. primary team members, their roles, brief backgrounds, and information.
Dr. Robert J. Heinzman

Joseph R. Heinzman


Dr. Joseph R. Heinzman, CEO of Heartland Hemp Inc., veteran, and founder of Heartland Hemp Inc. Dr. Heinzman is an Educator, Leader, Author, and Appreciative Environment Philosophy Guru. A leader in Strategic Analysis, Leadership and Management Philosophy with years of planning and organizational development experience. He is a highly experienced engineer. Dr. Heinzman was a Senior Manufacturing Engineer who worked on several C-17 maintenance-training simulator project upgrades. He is very dedicated and has a deep and thorough understanding of engineering practices. Consultation services available.

Joseph R. Heinzman Jr.

Joseph R. Heinzman Jr.

President / CFO

President of Heartland Hemp Inc., is the extract artist and visionary, who spent several years studying cannabis and hemp extracts, and is the core of the company. He spent several years studying extracts. Joseph grew a deep appreciation for the art of cannabis and hemp extracts and has made incredible products in the effort to bring CBD to more people.

Joseph Edwards - CTO

Joseph Edwards

Chief Technology Officer

the designer, developer, SEO & Social Media / Reputation management, and web administrator. Joseph had begun doing web development and administration at an early age. Today, Joseph works with several start-ups and professionals on having a strong and organic web presence. Joseph works primarily in WordPress, cPanel, Invision Power Services, and is quick to adapt to new platforms. Joseph specializes in local and organic SEO.

Customer Reviews

Real reviews from real customers that have used Heartland Hemp Inc.'s Heartland CBD.
Dylan Walker

Dylan Walker

Working Man & CBD Consumer

Best CBD product I've ever tried and used! Maximum benefits and full alleviation from all the stress and pain. Highly recommend everyone to try a company who not only cares about their product but the also the people who supports them!

Shaunna Wallace

Shaunna Wallace

Hard Working Mother

So, I'm an overachiever and did 2 full droppers last night.. Dude. DUDE. I felt my entire body for the first time in YEARS. I cried in relief. Then I slept for 10 full hrs. THANK YOU!!!




The owner was very attentive to my order, and I felt like I was doing business with a small mom and pop type store in my home town!

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