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Welcome to Heartland Hemp Inc.‘s official website. This is the network hub of Heartland Hemp. Here you may find all of our products and services that we offer. At Heartland Hemp we specialize in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Management. When searching for quality, superior customer service, and a team that cares greatly for every one of it’s consumers, guests, friends, and family. We welcome all of you and invite you to experience Heartland Hemp Inc.

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Drugs and CBD Interactions : Cytochrome P450
Overcoming Drug Addiction and Alcoholism with Cannabis, Hemp, and Healthy Habits
Overcoming Addiction
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CBD For Pets
Endocannabinoid System Introduction to the Endogenous Cannabinoid System - Heartland Hemp Inc. 2018
Endocannabinoid System
5 Star Review by Aggy D. for Bob the Dog with Arthritis - Hemp CBD

Anyone who has an aging family member, human or other species, please consider Heartland Hemp. I started giving CBD oil to Big Bob, my 10 year old English Bulldog, suffering from arthritis and the improvement is unbelievable. He now runs around and he no longer limps. He is also having a lot more sex with his teddy bears. This product is amazing! 100% organic. Worth every penny.

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Aggy D.

Heartland CBD Customer

Heartland CBD Delivery Service Image - Testimonial by Leah Eleftheria on Google Reviews

I called heartland just yesterday about a very time sensitive situation. My dog was diagnosed with lung cancer and the doc is giving him a few weeks to a couple months to live. I refuse to give up on him and I am willing to try anything possible to give him a good quality of life until the inevitable or help slow the process resulting in a longer life. I did some reaearch and it led me to cbd oil. I found a local company and decided to call them. Joseph was so helpful, he also understood the urgency and started on my oil right away. He custom made it specific for my dogs needs and hand delivered it the next day. Not only was the process fast but we sat down for a bit and he educated me on so much. I feel so confident in their product because the maker is so passionate about it. You don’t get this kind of personal treatment nowadays. It’s almost unheard of. -- .. 

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Leah E.

CBD Delivery Customer

David Kushmere Review

I got into an accident and i got injured this cbd oil really helps me a lot it's awesome.

David K.

CBD Delivery Customer

Heartland Review

Just started using Heartland CBD oil and it has helped with my hot flashes so much that I hardly have one now after 15 years. I would recommend this oil to everyone experiencing hot flashes and mood swings from menopause. I sleep so much better now and seem to be calmer throughout the day. Thank you for changing my life!!! 💚

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Kathy B.

CBD Delivery Customer

Meet Heartland Hemp Inc. Team

Dr. Robert J. Heinzman

Joseph R. Heinzman DMfgt - CEO

Dr. Joseph R. Heinzman, CEO, veteran, and founder of Heartland Hemp Inc. Dr. Heinzman is an Educator, Leader, Author, and Appreciative Environment Philosophy Guru. A leader in Strategic Analysis, Leadership and Management Philosophy with years of planning and organizational development experience. He is a highly experienced engineer. Dr. Heinzman was a Senior Manufacturing Engineer who worked on several C-17 maintenance-training simulator project upgrades. He is very dedicated and has a deep and thorough understanding of engineering practices. Consultation services available.

Joseph R. Heinzman Jr.

Joseph R. Heinzman Jr. - President

President of Heartland Hemp Inc., Joseph Heinzman Jr. is the hemp CBD and Full Spectrum extract artist, engineer, scientist, marketing strategist, and visionary, who spent 7 years studying botanical extraction methods, physics and chemistry. Joseph grew a deep appreciation for the art of cannabis and hemp extraction and through that passion and dedication has made incredible products in the efforts to bringing forth a holistic, natural product that alleviates multiple aspects of human discomfort physically and mentally.

Joseph Edwards - CTO

The designer, developer, SEO, Social Media / Reputation management, and web administrator. Joseph had begun doing web development and administration at an early age. Today, Joseph works with several start-ups and professionals on having a strong and organic web presence. Joseph works primarily in WordPress, cPanel, Invision Power Services, and is quick to adapt to new platforms. Joseph specializes in local and organic SEO.

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