EVIO Labs Florida Expands Testing Capabilities with the support of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments EVIO FLORIDA EQUIPPED TO HANDLE UPWARDS OF 1,400 SAMPLES DAILY BY OUTFITTING THEIR TWO LABORATORIES WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART CANNABIS TESTING EQUIPMENT Fall 2018 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)- EVIO Labs Florida, the first ISO Accredited Cannabis Testing laboratory in the state,Read More →

September Report: Heartland CBD Sales Are Up! Over the last year, we have been working hard, researching, and ensuring that our products are indefinitely the best of the best. Looking across the industry, Heartland CBD has positioned itself well in the Florida community, as well as nation wide, making friendsRead More →

Endocannabinoid Endogenous Cannabinoid System Brain Photo

Drug addiction and abuse. Alcholism. Cannabis. Traditionally, these three things used to be seen in the same category and just as bad as the other.

Today, the use of Cannabis and Hemp oils, blends, lotions, topicals, tinctures, beauty, and hygiene products have all come into play in the health and wellness fields, showing positive results in the realms of drug addiction, as well as in holistic all natural medicine with no withdraw or dependency.

EVIO Labs Awarded 7 Emerald Scientific Proficiency Testing Gold Badges Spring 2018, Broward County, Florida – EVIO Labs Florida has been recognized for their participation in The Emerald Test®, an inter laboratory comparison and proficiency assessment for cannabis testing. EVIO Florida was recognized by Emerald for their accuracy in: PotencyRead More →