About Heartland Hemp Inc.

Heartland Hemp Inc. was started in June of 2017 where research and development for hemp based products were started by Joseph R. Heinzman Jr. and Dr. J. Robert Heinzman DM CMFgt. Heartland Hemp Inc. is a local veteran owned Florida company.

Heartland Hemp Inc. has a line of full spectrum artisan hemp CBD products that are hand crafted and freshly made.

Heartland CBD

Artisan Crafted Hemp CBD Oils.

Veteran CBD

Apply for a military discount 100% free and get up to 50% off on Heartland CBD products.

VIP Monthly Subscriptions

Month to month Heartland CBD deliveries. You save 20% on full spectrum hemp CBD when you switch to the VIP experience.

Hemp Research and Development

Heartland Hemp Inc. specializes in hemp research and development for products, agriculture, technology, and manufacturing.

Heartland Hemp Inc. Team

Meet the team of Heartland Hemp Inc.

Dr. Joseph R. Heinzman

Dr. Joseph R. Heinzman


Dr. Joseph R. Heinzman, CEO, veteran, and founder of Heartland Hemp Inc. Dr. Heinzman is an Educator, Leader, Author, and Appreciative Environment Philosophy Guru. A leader in Strategic Analysis, Leadership and Management Philosophy with years of planning and organizational development experience. He is a highly experienced engineer. Dr. Heinzman was a Senior Manufacturing Engineer who worked on several C-17 maintenance-training simulator project upgrades. He is very dedicated and has a deep and thorough understanding of engineering practices. Consultation services available.

Joseph R Heinzman Jr.

Joseph R Heinzman Jr.


President of Heartland Hemp Inc., Joseph Heinzman Jr. is the hemp CBD and Full Spectrum extract artist, engineer, scientist, marketing strategist, and visionary, who spent 7 years studying botanical extraction methods, physics and chemistry. Joseph grew a deep appreciation for the art of cannabis and hemp extraction and through that passion and dedication has made incredible products in the efforts to bringing forth a holistic, natural product that alleviates multiple aspects of human discomfort physically and mentally.

Joseph Edwards

Joseph Edwards


The designer, developer, SEO, Social Media / Reputation management, and web administrator. Joseph had begun doing web development and administration at an early age. Today, Joseph works with several start-ups and professionals on having a strong and organic web presence. Joseph works primarily in WordPress, cPanel, Invision Power Services, and is quick to adapt to new platforms. Joseph specializes in local and organic SEO.

Latest Articles

The latest news in from Heartland Hemp Inc.

Heartland Hemp Inc. September 2018 Report

September Report: Heartland CBD Sales Are Up! Over the last year, we have been working hard, researching, and ensuring that our products are indefinitely the best of the best. Looking across the industry, Heartland CBD has positioned itself well in the Florida community, as well as nation wide, making friends and network connections across the […]

CBD and Cytochrome P450

CBD and Prescription Drugs

What happens when you mix CBD with prescription drugs? Learn more about cbd, cytochrome p450 enzyme, and prescription drugs with cannabinoids.

Overcoming Drug Addiction and Alcoholism with Cannabis, Hemp, and Healthy Habits

Overcoming Drug Addiction using Hemp & Cannabis

Drug Addiction and Alcoholic Behavior Combated By Cannabis & Hemp Drug addiction and abuse. Alcholism. Cannabis. Traditionally, these three things used to be seen in the same category and just as bad as the other.Today, the use of Cannabis and Hemp oils, blends, lotions, topicals, tinctures, beauty, and hygiene products have all come into play […]

Hemp Farming Bill 2018 - Industrial Hemp Ammendment to bill stops drug convicts

Hemp Legalization Amendment in Industrial Hemp Farm Bill to Stop people with Drug Convictions from Hemp Industry

The Industrial Farming Act of 2018 is what will allow Americans nation-wide to grow, process, manufacture, use, and possess hemp as a true crop. This amendment, however, disqualifies many, including key players in the Hemp Industry today.

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