FloridaCBD.me - Official Florida CBD Delivery Service for Residents in Pasco County Florida by Heartland Hemp Inc. 2018

Florida CBD Delivery Services by Heartland Hemp Inc.

You can now skip the pet store, and skip the smoke shop. CBD delivery services are now available thanks to Heartland Hemp Inc. You can order online any time! Deliveries go out everyday.  With Florida CBD our delivery services are 7 days a week, 9 AM to 10 PM.  There are tons of great reasons for you to try out CBD Delivery today!

FloridaCBD.me - Official Florida CBD Delivery Service for Residents in Pasco County Florida by Heartland Hemp Inc. 2018

In June 2018 Heartland Hemp Inc. began notifying local Florida residents in Tarpon Springs, Trinity, New Port Richey, and a few other areas throughout the rest of Pasco County, that the premier CBD Delivery Service would be ready to launch soon, and were already accepting orders through the domain HeartlandCBD.com . Heartland Hemp Inc. president Joseph Heinzman and CTO Joseph Edwards, have been manning the project, and on July 6th, 2018, the domain name and official CBD Delivery service online store for Florida, FloridaCBD.me was launched, complete with the full set of hemp cbd products from Heartland CBD.

Looking for: “Pet CBD near me?”

That’s right, our CBD delivery service is ready to send out CBD hemp oil for dogs and cats in Pasco County, Florida (View our Service Areas & Delivery Prices

[ Our prices are $6.50 for areas close to Holiday, and $10 for areas further out]

We love pets of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and care greatly about the well being of our furry friends and our customers. Heartland Hemp Inc. sends out an informed delivery driver or in some cases the extract artist themselves, to help answer your questions about the hemp CBD products you ordered. 

We Deliver Personalized CBD Oils

Heartland CBD Delivery Service Image - Testimonial by Leah Eleftheria on Google Reviews

From left to right: Joseph Edwards, Billy Bones, Leah.

Heartland Hemp Inc. is an Artisan company, which means we can make the CBD oil using ingredients you request! For example, in Hudson Florida, we made a delivery to a customer who had a dog by the name of Billy Bones. There is a full story about Billy Bones, and is the back story to a specialized hemp CBD product that was released to the public in honor of his impact on Heartland Hemp Inc. and Heartland CBD.

You can order the Billy Bones Blend Hemp CBD Oil yourself for delivery. It is two 1oz (30ml) bottles, each infused with 500mg of full spectrum hemp CBD. 

Another product that was released because of a customer’s request, is the Midnight Sun Oil. This blend contains an incredible and potent mixture of 1000mg of full spectrum hemp cbd with capsaicin and clove oil extracts. This oil was released because of an order out of Anchorage, Alaska, hence the title of the oil. 

7 days a week 9AM – 10PM CBD Delivery

Florida CBD Delivery sends out fresh CBD oils 7 days a week from 9 AM to 10 PM, to ensure everyone is served when they are available. 

Some orders are able to be sent out same day, other orders will have a wait time. Our average turn over is 3 days and our most recent turn overs are in 45 minutes on average. Our longest turn over for our delivery so far was 4 days (1 order affected) due to a stock shipment delay.

Become a driver for Florida CBD Delivery

Interested in driving for Florida CBD Delivery services by Heartland Hemp Inc.? Here are a few things for you to know:

  1. Yes! You get to keep the delivery service fee yourself!
  2. No, you are not paid hourly.
  3. Yes! You can make commission on sales by providing your personalized coupon code and giving out business cards. 15% of profit on the sale to start.
  4. No, we don’t need your drivers records.
  5. Yes! You need a valid and active drivers license in the state of Florida.
  6. No, you do not need to provide insurance details.
  7. Yes! We need you to have insurance on your vehicle. You cannot drive illegally.
  8. No, we are not uber eats, nor a cannabis delivery service. We do not deliver any prescription drugs, controlled substances, foods, drinks, edibles, tobacco, alcohol, liqour, or anything outside of our all natural hemp CBD oil or a product listed on our official website.
  9. Yes! You have a flexible schedule. You work when you are available. you are technically an “on-call driver”
  10. No! We do not require you to report tips to us, you are in control of the tips you receive and as the driver, you are responsible for reporting those on your taxes at the end of the year.