EVIO Labs Awarded 7 Emerald Scientific Proficiency Testing Gold Badges

Spring 2018,

Broward County, FloridaEVIO Labs Florida has been recognized for their participation in The Emerald Test®, an inter
laboratory comparison and proficiency assessment for cannabis testing. EVIO Florida was recognized by Emerald for
their accuracy in: Potency in Solution, Residual Solvents, Terpenes, Microbial 2, Aspergillus Mold, Pesticide Screening,
and Mycotoxin testing.

The Emerald Test - Gold Badges - EVIO Labs Florida - The Emerald Test for EVIO Labs

“Our experienced team of chemists are among the best in the industry and these awards provide
the acknowledgement of our efforts to operate above the standard.” Chris Martinez, President EVIO Florida.

The Emerald Test® acknowledgement helps demonstrate EVIO Florida’s aptitude and competence in conducting
analytical testing at a higher standard of excellence for Florida’s Cannabis industry. The Emerald Test® Badge results
provide a measure of assurance and reliability to those who depend on precise laboratory results for patient safety, public
health, and product precision.
The Emerald Test® uses the standard Inter-laboratory Comparison Proficiency Testing (ILC/PT) program for evaluating
how accurately and dependably testing labs perform, by comparing how well the lab measures blinded samples. ILC/PT
programs are common in many testing industries, including environmental, food, pharmaceutical, water and
petrochemical, providing a point of reference on how well testing laboratories perform individually and
collectively. Laboratories can use their ILC/PT results to authenticate aptitude to clients, state regulating bodies, or to
pinpoint analytical tests that may need further validation efforts.

EVIO Labs Florida is Florida’s First ISO Accredited Cannabis Testing Laboratory with locations in Broward and Alachua county. EVIO Florida has established a reputation for accuracy in cannabis testing, patient safety and method development.

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Heartland Hemp Inc. is proud to work with EVIO Labs for the testing of Heartland CBD Products. EVIO Labs has an outstanding team, unbeatable process, incredible consistency, and impeccable accuracy and speed. EVIO Labs is the most trusted lab in Florida for Cannabis and Hemp laboratory testing.