Hemp Farming Bill 2018 - Industrial Hemp Ammendment to bill stops drug convicts

Hemp Farming Bill Amendment Bans People with Drug Convictions

The Industrial Farming Act of 2018 is what will allow Americans nation-wide to grow, process, manufacture, use, and possess hemp as a true crop. This amendment, however, disqualifies many, including key players in the Hemp Industry today.

Hemp Farming Bill 2018 - Industrial Hemp Ammendment to bill stops drug convicts

An amendment introduced into the senate today for the Industrial Hemp Farming bill states that individuals with a felony drug conviction on their criminal records are not eligible to grow industrial hemp in the hemp industry.

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Industrial Hemp Bill Prevents Felons from Growing

The Industrial Hemp Farming Bill is highly important piece of legislation for the United States to pass. This bill will allow farmers to effectively grow and sell their crops in the United States without worrying about a random shut down due to any potential technicality that a state or state official may want to put in place. 

The amendment to the hemp farming bill makes it so a person (a person being: a company, an organization, en entity, and individual, etc.) with a felony drug conviction on their criminal record may not participate in farming industrial hemp. 

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“I have a very successful business, I’ve been in this from the get go,” said Veronica Carpio, an experienced hemp producer and president of Grow Hemp Colorado, at a hemp conference in New York last month.

Despite her undeniable contributions to the industry, a past felony cannabis conviction endangers her continued involvement. “If this bill passes, I’m out.”

Hemp Farming Bill without Hemp Legalization?

It is also noted that the House version of the Industrial Hemp Farming Bill does not include hemp legalization. It will be up to legislators to discuss the differences in a conference committee before it is passed on to the president‘s desk. 

Can we fix the hemp amendment in time?

While it is highly difficult to make changes to amendments this far in legislation, and the common introduction of flawed and unbalanced laws are still able to be challenged, and it is encouraged that you write to your legislators to consider the repercussions of including such an amendment.