Cynthia Brewer – EVIO Labs Director of Operations – Marijuana Solutions Podcast – Florida EVIO Labs

EVIO Labs Director of Operations - Cynthia Brewer

The Marijuana Solution Podcast – Episode 60 – Cynthia Brewer  Director of Operations for EVIO Labs in Florida

Marijuana Solution Podcast - Episode 60 - EVIO Labs - Cynthia Brewer Interview - Director of Operations

“Just because we can see everything, doesn’t mean that we have to be afraid of everything we see.” – Cynthia Brewer

Cynthia Brewer talks about EVIO Labs, with Robert Roundtree of Sunshine Cannabis & Florida Marijuana Network their testing capabilities of testing at parts per billion and parts per trillion, what keeps them on top, how they stay clean, what they are able to test for such as toxins, metals, contaminants,  and of course potency and terpene testing

This podcast explains precisely why Heartland Hemp Inc / Heartland CBD trust EVIO Labs to test oils, extracts, and products.

Toxins, Lead, Mercury, and Education.

An important takeaway from this podcast is what Cynthia discusses about the results of analysis, in that there are literally toxins in everything we see and use every day, and she says: 

“Just because we can see everything, doesn’t mean that we have to be afraid of everything we see.”

This is the statement she made in reference to more education being a priority.

“Education is going to have to be paramount of success for any lab, competition or not, and that is what all of us need; to be uniformly able to detect what needs to be an action level. So as long as all the labs in the space are detecting the same amounts, and making actions on certain limits, then its good. — To the lay person, they might be a little shocked that in every day substances their going to have mercury or lead or – you know, different – what you would call harmful or toxic, but it’s not past that action limit of being harmful, or worrisome, or troublesome to someones health.”

This entire discussion was released and originally hosted by The Marijuana Solution, Robert Roundtree, with special guest Cynthia Brewer. This podcast was distributed and re-hosted by Heartland Hemp Inc. thanks to The Marijuana Solution with exclusive permissions.

Heartland Hemp Inc. did not conduct this interview, this interview is intended to be shared with the notion that Heartland Hemp Inc., Heartland CBD, and its’ subsidiaries which distribute, sell, manufacture, or produce hemp products; use EVIO Labs in Fort Lauderdale Florida. 



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